How I Work

Seeing a Psychologist whether for CBT or counselling is considered a talking therapy. We will meet regularly to discuss your concerns and to build an understanding of what is currently going on for you, how your problems arose and how I can help you work through them. This may be face-to-face or remotely via telephone or other online platforms.

The structure of these sessions will depend on your preferred way of working which will be something we will talk about in our first session together. For example, if we work within a CBT model then our sessions will be more structured and goal directed than if we were using a more reflective conversational style.

Therapy can sometimes involve discussing painful and distressing events as these are often part of our problems, for example the breakdown of a relationship or past abuse. People often report a real benefit of having a place where they can talk about and explore their experiences at their own pace, often for the very first time, in a non-judgemental non-pressuring supportive space. However, it is equally recognised and respected that for many clients these are not necessarily things they want to use therapy for.

Before entering therapy it is important to spend some time considering the commitment therapy requires, not just in terms of time and financial expense but also the emotional resources needed.

Remote / Online Support

Many people are choosing to access support remotely as opposed to attend for face-to-face appointments. This can be for a number of reasons for example being too far away to travel or because it more conveniently fits with their schedule. I offer a range of different options to access support remotely including by telephone, WhatsApp, FaceTime and Skype or a platform of your choice. (When accessing therapy remotely please note that I cannot be held responsible for the security of the platform chosen and that by engaging on that platform you are agreeing to this).


The first session will usually last about 80 minutes. It is a chance for us to get to know each other, discuss what brings you to therapy, what you wish to get out of it and for me to tell you a little about how I work. There is also time for you to ask any questions or express any concerns you might have.

At the end of the initial session it is your choice as to whether you wish to book another appointment or take some time to think about whether I am the right therapist for you to work with. If for any reason during the session we decide that I am not the right therapist for you, then I will endeavour to help direct you to find more appropriate help.

After the first session we will meet weekly for the main part of the therapy. Sessions last for 50 minutes. Longer or more frequent sessions can be negotiated. However, it is advisable that at least during the main body of therapy we commit to meet weekly.

Therapy can be short or long-term depending on the nature of the problems and issues. When we first meet we will agree to work for a length of time, for example four / six sessions or open-ended. However, this is not written in stone and can be changed as we feel necessary and you are free to stop therapy at anytime you choose.


Our discussions and any notes I write are confidential. Therefore, I will not disclose my notes to any other person without your consent, unless I am required to do so by a court, or if to do so would protect you or another person from significant harm. I do however have regular, confidential meetings with my clinical supervisor, whose role is to support me in giving you the best therapy I can. (All Psychologists and Psychotherapists are required to have clinical supervision, in which our work is discussed with a suitably experienced and qualified member of our profession.)

I abide by the British Psychological Society’s Code of Ethics.

Payment Terms

Sessions are currently charged at £80 per 50 minute session (£110 initial assessment) and are reviewed annually. Corporate and insurance fees are available on request. Reduced fees maybe available for those on low incomes, students and counsellors in training. Please contact me for further information.

I am a recognised psychologist with AXA PPP Healthcare, Aviva and Cigna Healthcare. Please contact me to discuss whether your own healthcare provider would fund therapy with me.

Cancellation Terms

Forty-eight hours’ notice of cancellation or alteration of session is required. Sessions cancelled after this time are charged at full rate.

Other Services

As an experienced clinician and senior manager in the NHS I offer a range of other services including:

  • Clinical Supervision
  • Training and lecturing
  • Consultancy for businesses

Code of Ethics

I abide by the British Psychological Society’s Code of Ethics.

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